Vice President Mike Pence will meet with Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó in Colombia Monday, two days after Guaidó’s call to use “all options” to liberate and restore democracy in Venezuela.

Senior administration officials told a small group of reporters Sunday that Pence will meet briefly with Guaidó, who the United States has recognized as the legitimate interim president, before addressing regional leaders on the crisis in Venezuela. The crisis escalated over the weekend with violence at the border with Colombia as international aid was blocked. Hundreds were injured and at least four people died.

On Saturday, Guaidó said the events of the weekend forced him to pose a formal request to the international community to consider “all options” in Venezuela. The statement was interpreted by members of the diplomatic community as a request for military assistance.

A senior administration official couldn’t say Sunday what exactly will be discussed during the vice president’s conversation with Guaidó, but reiterated that all options are on the table.

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