Mr. Guaidó urged the Venezuelan military to allow trucks to cross the border while standing alongside the presidents of Paraguay, Colombia, and Chile — who are among the more than 50 heads of government to support him as Venezuela’s legitimate leader.

“The humanitarian aid is definitely on its way to Venezuela, in a peaceful manner, to save lives right now,” Mr. Guaidó said in a short statement made in front of the warehouse on the Colombian side of the border where the aid had been stored for days.

“I’ve made a clear call to the armed forces. They are welcome to join the correct side of history,” Mr. Guaidó said, later leaping behind the wheel of one of the trucks and waved and gave a thumbs up from the vehicle before it proceeded toward the Venezuelan border.

    Here it comes, guys. Simon Bolívar Bridge, Cúcuta.
    — Nick Casey (@caseysjournal) February 23, 2019

A short time later, a large crowd gathered, waving flags and covering four lanes of the road at the Simón Bolívar International Bridge, forming a vanguard of activists in blue berets and holding white flowers and linking arms in a chain.

In the sweltering heat, the flowers had started to wilt — but the music was blaring and the  energy had picked up.

“No one can stop this from passing now,” said Wilmer Azuaje, an opposition politician who was leading the crowd with a megaphone.
In a video posted on social media, María Teresa Belandria, Mr. Guaidó’s envoy in Brazil, said the opposition managed to get a truck with humanitarian aid across the border town of Pacaraima in northern Brazil shortly before 11 a.m.

“We did it,” she said. “This is a major victory.”

— Nicholas Casey, Ernesto Londoño and Megan Specia


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