US Voting Machines Made in Venezuela made for Election Fraud

Peter Neffenger boardmember on Smartmatic Inc.
US Vote Machines Made in Venezuela for Election Fraud made by Smartmatic Inc.

Stop the Ballot Madness! Today’s US electronic vote system, used in Trump v. Biden, including swing states, was originally designed, funded and deployed in communist Venezuela. Co-owned by the Venezuelan government and state-owned Bitza software. CIA reported in first use, Smartmatic falsified an election for dictator Hugo Chavez to stymie a recall. Says NY Times:

    “Smartmatic was a little-known firm with no experience in voting technology before it was chosen by the Venezuelan authorities to replace the country’s elections machinery ahead of a contentious referendum that confirmed Mr. Chávez as president in August 2004.”

Does Smartmatic still sabotage elections?

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Smartmatic: Banana Republicans: So, the first Smartmatic machine was designed to cheat residents in a banana republic to keep a dangerous dictator in power. Smartmatic vote machines are owned and run by Geo Soros’ lieutenant Lord Mark Malloch Brown and Venezuelan computer engineer Antonio Mugica. This company then circled the globe, including America, selling Smartmatic vote systems. But a Filipina Senator wants to know, “how a foreign firm hounded by controversy won the bid to set up the national ID system of Philippines.” See UNBELIEVABLE: George Soros Employee Owns Defective Switch-Vote Biden Machines.

Venezuelan Voting Machine:  ANY Times article stated:

    “The federal government is investigating takeover last year of a leading American manufacturer of electronic voting systems by a small software company linked to the leftist Venezuelan government of President Hugo Chávez. The inquiry is focusing on the Venezuelan owners of the software company, the Smartmatic Corporation, trying to determine whether the government in Caracas has any control or influence over the firm’s operations.”

Smartmatic Adopted by Tyrant:Dictator Hugo Chavez chose Smartmatic,  despite – or perhaps because of – being the company’s first time providing election machines. Smartmatic joined with Venezuelan software company, Bitza. Writes NY Times:
So, given the machine’s origins, purpose, record, and abilities, Is there any chance Smartmatic did not help throw this election?

    “Seven months before that voting contract was awarded, a Venezuelan government financing agency invested $200,000+ into a smaller technology company, owned by the same people as Smartmatic, joined with Smartmatic as a minor partner in the bid. In return, the government agency was given a 28% stake in the smaller company and a seat on its board, which was occupied by a senior government official who had previously advised Mr. Chávez on elections technology. “

In 2007, Smartmatic added a million fake votes to another Venezuela election.

CIA Investigates Foreign Vote Fraud: The Smartmatic communist partnership raised red flags. In the actual Venezuela 2004 vote, Chavez faced recall, behind 40% to 60% in polling. Yet, in the election, Chavez squeaked out a 52%-48% win. Wrote McClatchy: “Appearing last month before a U.S. Election Assistance Commission field hearing in Orlando, Fla., a CIA cybersecurity expert suggested that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his allies fixed a 2004 election recount.” Smartmatic is apparently not proud of Venezuela’s 2004 vote, since their history strangely omits this damning info.

CIA: Smartmatic’s FIRST Election Was Rigged: Computer voting expert Steve Stigall responded, telling the Election Assistance Commission that “computerized electoral systems are vulnerable at 5 stages, by altering voter registration lists to posting results.” Stigall added voting equipment connected to the Internet can be hacked, and machines not connected can be hacked wirelessly.” McClatchy observes:

    “When Chavez won, Venezuelan mathematicians challenged results that showed him to be consistently strong in parts of the country where he had weak support. The mathematicians found “a very subtle algorithm” that appeared to adjust the vote in Chavez’s favor.”

CONCLUSION: Connect the Dots: The US Smartmatic voting system wasn’t designed in America but in communist Venezuela, first used by Dictator Hugo Chavez, sponsored by his government as co-owner, educated by Bitza state software. A mere 16 years ago. Designed and first deployed to defraud a recall election, claims CIA. Today, Venezuela is a failed nation whose people are trapped in a living hell, dying without food or medicine. This might not have happened if Smartmatic had not willfully cooperated in election fraud. Smartmatic was then deployed to America where it is now in the midst of apparent massive election fraud. So, given the machine’s origins, purpose, record, and abilities – What are the chances that Smartmatic did not help throw this election?

US Voting Machines Made in Venezuela made for Election Fraud

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