Goodyear has unveiled a self-regenerating concept tire with artificial intelligence features that allow the tire treads to change according to the environment and climate.

Goodyear claims to be one of the largest tire companies in the world, and its reCharge Concept tire was created to keep in line with the world's increasing shifts towards electric and sustainable mobility options. 

The concept tires were designed with three concepts in mind: personalization, sustainability, and hassle-free use, according to its maker. It was also designed for increasing individuality demands: the tires can shift depending on the terrain, climate, and driver needs with the help of artificial intelligence.

The concept reCharge tires can adapt to road conditions and the climate, whether it be driving on the highway or in the mountains, according to Goodyear.

The center of the tires contain capsules with "reloadable and biodegradable" treads, according to its maker.

The tire treads pop out from inside of the tire as needed.

Goodyear was inspired by spider silk while designing the tire treads. This shows in the reCharge's strong, but biodegradable and lightweight treads, according to its maker.

Liquids in the capsules "recharge" the treads.

Goodyear claims the treads won't need consistent checks and extended recovery time from potential damages.

source: businessinsider